Frog Tales and Insights

At Frogs-watch.co.uk it is always interesting  to hear from Frog fans. Here is a few extracts from our mail that we would like to share with you from people about  their ponds, Frogs and other creatures in their gardens.


If you write something about your pond or have some pictures we would like to share them with our readers

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Rana temporaria A P...
By Colin Brothwood

Frog Tales and Insights Page 2

Frog Feb 03
Frog Feb 03

With a few exceptions and except were credited all the images of the Common Frogs on this web site were taken in the same suburban garden in the North West of England.  

Frog in the Living Room

All the big frogs from our pond seem to have gone over teh last 2 months . What we have found is tiny frogs and that sonly when our cat brought one in unharmed. We didn’t actually see the cat bring him/her in but we assumed that's how in ended up in the living room.


Spawn picture

New Pond

My father built our pond at the bottom of the garden one day and we put  in some Frogs spawn that we got in a jar from my aunty . After a couple of weeks we had tadpoles which we fed on spam and eggs, they liked it. After the winter we never saw any of the Frogs, then this year one morning we had  Frogs spawn again

Skip - Oxford

House Move

We have  just moved to are new house  and there is a pond at the bottom of the garden which was very over grown . We thinned a lot of the plants out  in September last year and now we have lots of Frogs  spawning. We are going to keep the pond and put lillys in it tand other new plants.

Bill and May  - Swingbrow

Our Pond

I just wanted to tell about our pond. Its is not very big really but we see lots of frogs most of the time. Around the pond are lots of flowers, daisy's and yellow irises. The frogs sometimes hide in the plants and catch fly's. In the spring when the tadpoles come the black birds stand on the stones and eat some of  them. Lots of birds visit the pond to drink.

Jenny -  Darlington  

All Over Frogs

There are frogs all over our house. We don’t have a pond or even a garden to tell you the truth. Its my wife she is potty about frogs, every where we go she brings back a frog or two. We have Frog ornaments, Frog toys and even a Frog butter dish and milk jug

By the way we love the pictures on Frogs-Watch.co.uk

Tony Carlisile

New Pond  News

Just wanted to let  you all know at Frogs-Watch.co.uk that there are lots of  Tadpoles again this year.

Skip - Oxford